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See what other people are saying about our Lincoln Place apartments! At Lincoln Place, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Carla Cheuvront
| 9/2/2018
I submitted a request and a few days later my air conditioning was fixed!
Carla Cheuvront
| 9/2/2018
One of my sensors broke and they came right away to fix it!
Pat Shettle
| 8/24/2018
Kayla Shackle
| 8/4/2018
We loved living at Lincoln Place. The nicest part is the parking garage (especially in the winter) and the fact that strangerssolicitors cant really get in the building. Its very dog friendly and the pool and gym are nice. Its also walking distance to lots of places downtown and the post office. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. We would have stayed if it wasnt so far from work. The only suggestion Id have is upgrading the dog park with real grasscleaning it more - but its probably the best they can do in a downtown area.
Kenzie Holmes
| 8/3/2018
Ive lived in about 11 different apartments over the last 10 years (as a college student and now wife of a traveling salesman). These apartments are the cleanest Ive ever lived in, especially for their age. Were in a 1 bedroom and its the biggest 1 bedroom weve ever had. Staying at Lincoln place has been a wonderful experience. Vickie, Kelly, and the rest of the staff are the best I have ever worked with- super responsive and friendly. Any issues Ive had have been taken care of promptly, and I know they have been really busy this summer. They also have a really good gym area with lots of great equipment. The lounge areas on the 1st and 4th floors are really spacious, and we love hanging out on the outdoor patio. I love the secure room they have for packages. Most places packages just get left by your door for the world to see. I also love the parking garage. My vehicle has stayed safe from Colorado hail storms, and cool in the summer heat. If you expect a place to be perfect, youre going to be disappointed. With that being said, you will probably experience some weird smells coming from the carpets and generally everywhere. Its a dog friendly place on 1 block of downtown Loveland so the poop and pee smells can get heavy. The pool is small and not great for young children or people that dont know how to swim, but it does the job on a hot day. I find the off-leash turf area for dogs to be VERY smelly and I avoid it because its usually covered in poo. Overall, I would recommend Lincoln place apartments. If not for the amenities and great location, but for the office staff that have been so good to us.
mat r
| 6/20/2018
I currently live here. I moved in approximately month ago, and I love it!.Good Things-Everyone is extremely nice-My apartment is the nicest apartment ive ever seen, and is so big I dont have enough stuff to fill it up with, and doesnt break my wallet-My own water heater, so I dont have to worry about waking up early for hot water-Free access to a pool, which is a great way to cool down after work-Multiple grills that all work well, great for partys-Free game rooms that I can reserve for partys or studying-Amazing large bathroom-Decent parking, always find a spot-Right in the middle of downtown, with some of the best restaurants right below. Bad things-The elevator is veryyyyyy slow, but not a huge deal-My fridge broke shortly after moving in, but they immediately replaced it with a better one, so no issues there.-The bottom of shower creaks a bit, kinda weird-About once a month, all the local restaurants clean out their grease traps, which causes an awful smell for a day, but not too bad.Overall, This is a great place to live. The people are nice, the apartments are nice, and the rent is good. 55
Deena Carson
| 6/20/2018
Luiz was over right away and fixed the problem in a matter of minutes.
Deena Carson
| 6/20/2018
Luiz is Amazing. He goes above and beyond.
Stephen Sheldon
| 6/13/2018
I have nothing but good things to say about Lincoln Place. Vicki remembers my name and Apt when I go down to talk or need something ( which is hardly ever). Maintenance is always quick and does a great job. The location, awesome! My kids love all of the things to do.Thank you staff.
Sidney Merrill
| 5/14/2018
I have lived at Lincoln Place almost a year now and I have had nothing but positive experiences. Both the office and maintenance staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. When I do have maintenance calls (very few) they are fixing the issue within a day or two and the office staff is very helpful as well. Vickie is amazing at making sure my living experience here is up to standard.
| 5/9/2018
Great place. Vicki is excellent!
Joel Benavidz
| 5/6/2018
No complaints. Previously lived in Lincoln Place and had to move to another city for a short time, when it was time to move back to loveland Lincoln Place was first on the mind as it left a lasting impact on us.
Dustin Palmer
| 5/2/2018
Had good 3 plus years down town living in the Lincoln Place until I bought a home. Great people great place.
Cayla Chacon
| 4/25/2018
I enjoy living here. Location is great. Staff is helpful and friendly.
Joel Weber
| 4/24/2018
I lived here in 2017 for 10 months.There are good and not so good aspects to this apartment.I lived on the 3rd floor facing North, which I believe to be the best location there. The views are nice with many large trees nearby. Your unit will stay cool and pleasant without the sun directly beating in through your windows. The street noise is also considerably less than facing West.My unit was the closest to the stairwell which, for me was perfect as I chose to always use the stairs. On occasion you can hear the stairwell door slam closed, but is not a serious nuisance. If need be, this also positions you right next to the elevator.The staff were friendly enough for me and maintenance was fast to respond to needs. You mail and packages are safely secured in locked areas and billing is paid online.My unit #332 was comfortable for two adults, a kitchen 4-seater table, a love-seat and 6.5 grand piano! This unit has the most windows and walkout balcony.A few critiques:The smells and the dogs rank highest on irritation. Do not, seriously - do not walk in any green or bark covered areas on street level - these are dog defecation cesspools. On warmer days, you can smell feces and strong ammonia rising up to your balconies from these defecation zones.Similarly, I would regularly encounter dog defecation in the concrete stairwells. Apparently the dogs could not wait and the owners were not bothered to clean it up (it would stay there for weeks). The hallway carpets are stained from dogs and trash: not a good place for germaphobes! These hallways can smell bad also both from dog defecation, trash drips and a multitude of cooking smells.You will also hear or in some cases, endure relentless dog barking as these animals become lonely during the workday...But generally, the walls block sounds well and it was rare to even hear a loud movie playing in a neighboring unit.I would stay here again if need be.
Rebecca Nicholas
| 4/24/2018
Vickie is absolutely the best. Shes so nice and helpful. From all the way back helping us to get our apartment til now just being able to help us print or fax, shes always smiling and just a pleasure to talk to. Luckily I havent had any problems that the office couldnt help resolve. Seriously a prime location too!
Rebecca Kilgore Thomas
| 4/24/2018
Vickie is absolutely the best. Shes so nice and helpful. From all the way back helping us to get our apartment til now just being able to help us print or fax, shes always smiling and just a pleasure to talk to. Luckily I havent had any problems that the office couldnt help resolve. Seriously a prime location too!
Mary Darracott
| 4/23/2018
Friendly, quiet, comfortable, clean....works for me!
kyle rigdon
| 4/23/2018
The place is a good place to live. Vickie is very helpful and always friendly
Shane Lorenz
| 4/23/2018
Maintenance is awesome, such a good guy. Location is exceptional. Living downtown has a ton of upside. Management and the office staff are both professional and extremely friendly. Parking garage is tight (we live downtown so its expected) yet parking per month is extremely cheap considering one lives downtown. Agree with another post that either a heated pool (hot tub temperature) or a hot tub addition would be wonderful and all that the Lincoln Place is missing. With that being said I would still give the apartments a 5 star rating. No complaints.
Allyson Doerfler
| 4/23/2018
I was one of the first to move in when Lincoln Place opened. Having owned rental property I KNOW how abusive tenants can be to the property; it is a huge challenge to clean up after people and repair the damage they do. I love the new grill and fire place outside - a real upgrade. I get very quick help if something needs fixing. I love the system for picking up FedEx packages - available 247. Hope you consider putting in a hot tub.
Justin Corbett
| 3/26/2018
Home is the ideal word to describe Lincoln Place Apartments. Pros: Location, views, great room, weight room, pool, covered parking with secured access to building. Very nice tenants and a staff thats even nicer with questionsrequests quickly addressed. Package pickup for Amazon deliveries is automated, easy and quick. Dog run with lots of dog owners and most of them are well trained and their dogs are fun to see. Easy walking access to museum, library, Chilson Ctr and downtown places. Pick-up from Dougs Diner without the hour wait to eat feels like youre spoiled. Cons: Nothing more than a few minor inconveniences caused by those who are not well trained dog owners or know the trash valet policies. Although the Fire Department can be a little obnoxious (no worse than trains horn) they have been a blessing to have close by more than once. Nothing worthy of even taking a star away from the lovely time weve had here :-)
Molly J.
| 3/25/2018
First thing is first, Vickie (front desk) ROCKS! Not only did she lead my tour when I checked out Lincoln Place the first time, but shes also been...
Will King
| 3/11/2018
I have LOVED living at Lincoln Place! I have a beautiful apartment with three over-sized windows and a huge balcony overlooking the beautiful and quaint neighborhood of Lovelands historic downtown - complete with the Victorian rooftops, church-towers, and steeples! I have only had extremely pleasant dealings with the office, and they have gone out of their way to be personable - remembering my pets name, and asking about my family, and the apartment. I love being able to park in the lower level garages, and taking the elevator right up to my level too, avoiding the snow and ice collecting on the car in the extended Colorado Winter. There is a dog-run located on the first floor courtyard and pool on the first level as well! You wont be disappointed guys! Mountain views too from my apartment!
Steven Seegel
| 3/5/2018
Honestly, I dont understand what reviewers complain about. Not every place is perfect, but this is by far and away (!!!) the best option in Loveland. If you fall into the category of a person who is used to an active social life, who likes to kick back and relax on weekends, who doesnt like too much fuss, who is coming in to work from out of town (and Colorado), give this place a shot. First, the staff is capable and kind. There are three managers (Vickie, Kelly, Nadine) and two supers (Kevin and Louis) at Lincoln Place Apartments. All are friendly, not to mention pet-friendly. All are capable and knowledgeable. All make an extra effort to be personable. When my smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night (due to a low battery, my fault), Kevin was there in two minutes. Second: reasonable cost. The rent is reasonable, and you DO get a lot for it if you are willing to take advantage. If you have to break your lease, they will make an effort to work with you. And things DO work on an everyday basis: the public coffee machine on the 4th floor, which has a great view of the mountains; the TV room (actually there are two); the billiards and cooking room; the indoor gym; the grilling area; the new Amazon automatic package pick-up (soon to be a business center); the swimming pool open from Memorial Day until Labor Day; the dog run -- youll need to pick up after your animal, as well you should!!! If and when things break both inside and out, they are repaired (for instance, my washing machine broke) or even modified without added cost to yourself. The hallways and rooms are cleaned regularly. If you dont like the headache of property ownership and management, this is a place for you. Third: the much improved social lifeurban life in Loveland. Loveland is a growing creative community, and Lincoln Place Apartments is at the heart of it. The staff even sponsors some social events (like a super bowl party, events for seniors, etc.), if youre into that. The location is just fine: Safeway, Dazbog, and multiple coffee shops are next door. Lincoln 5th ( 6th) are actually pretty quiet; they have less bustle and annoying college students for what you would pay in Fort Collins or Denver. The place is finally within walking distance from Chilson Rec, the library, the Loveland Museum, and a growing number of interesting new restaurants and shops. A great experience overall, highly recommended.

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