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See what other people are saying about our Lincoln Place apartments! At Lincoln Place, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Donna Willoughby
| 2/13/2019
I had a maintenance issue and requested they come after 4pm because I work nights. 5 minutes after 4pm he knocked on the door. took care of my problem quickly and professionally.
| 2/9/2019
First of all, I used to own a duplex - I lived in half and rented the other half - so I understand how destructive tenants can be. I think you do an excellent job of keeping the place clean and well repaired. I moved in at the very beginning - even before the building was complete. What is disappointing is that in all those years I have never been late with rent until May of last year - I was thinking about my sons struggles in getting his business off the ground, and I simply didnt think about my rent until the 4th. It would be nice to receive a bit of mercy for an unblemished record of payment over so many years, and disheartening that I didnt.
nancy amsler
| 2/5/2019
I love living here. The one suggestion I have is about communication - I think it could be better, as in the recent water issues. I think it would have been helpful if you had put out information about what was going on and what was being done about it instead of letting the rumor mill give out information. Thanks for all you do!
Ann Sellers
| 2/5/2019
The current management is doing a great job of keeping the place up. My only real complaint would be the 25month for trash pickup when the trash chute is literally next to the elevator.
Marian Wynkoop
| 1/31/2019
We have lived for over a year and love the place. Its our first apartment since the 80s so not sure if we would like it. We do. We have everything we need and abundant restaurants and activities you can walk to. We have not had any problems with management and neighbors are nice.
Heather Blanton
| 1/28/2019
Beautiful building in the heart of downtown Loveland. Seems well maintained and clean
Grant F.
| 1/13/2019
Vicky and Michele I really enjoy being in the heart of Old Town Loveland. Walking everywhere is nice. The two people in the front office are what make this...
Fred B.
| 1/11/2019
Kudos to Vicky and Michelle, the two best office representatives of Lincoln Place.
Pat Houchen
| 11/27/2018
In less than an hour from making a request to having the job completed, Todd provided a professional, clean and cheerful solution.
Bethany Beeler
| 11/19/2018
Love Vickie and Lincoln Place! Great location, swank apartments and amenities, and what can beat downtown Loveland.
Bethany Beeler
| 11/19/2018
We still cant say enough good things about living at Lincoln Place (LP)! Almost all of the poor reviews here are from 1-2 years ago, when LP was under different mgt. The owners and the new management team listen and have changed much accordingly. The grounds are pleasant to walk, even in the winter. LP is extremely pet-friendly yet also pet-RESPONSIBLE, making sure pet owners respect that this is a multi-family dwelling place we all share.MANAGEMENT TEAMKelly and Vickie are go-to managers with a real sense of their tenants needs. Always smiling, always thoughtful, always responsive. I feel like (and have!) I can go to them when anything comes up, and they address it.MAINTENANCE TEAMTodd and Luis on the Maintenance Team are courteous, punctual, and effective, respecting our privacy and delivering the best experience for tenants. Witness the fact that I know them by name! Oh, and did I mention that Maintenance changes yer freakin lightbulbs when they burn out? SCORE!SOUND INSULATIONThe apartments are well-insulated, both in terms of energy efficiency and sound. I literally have never heard my neighbors, and our utility bills are quite satisfactory.LAYOUTFLOORSELEVATORSWe love the layout of our apartment (come to the 4th Floor, where the cool kids are!) and our neighbors. True, the elevators have seen better days, but weve never experienced an undue delay, and they are safe.PARKINGI drive an SUV and have ample available spaces close to our entry of choice and never been cramped in a parking space. The building shares parking spaces with the retail tenants, but those spaces are clearly designated. Best of all, I feel extremely safe in the lots at any hour.ATMOSPHERE COMMUNITYI enjoy the people who live here! No one gets up in your business but neither are folks aloof. We have a great spread of millenials. boomers, and seniors. The hallways are clean and smell good. Almost everyone has a wreath or decoration on the door and a cheery welcome mat. The common areas are a great resource that everyone pitches in to ensure stay clean and well-lit. The gym is a real boon! No more Planet Fitness!TRASH, PACKAGE PICK-UP, OTHER AMENITIESYes, the trash service here is mandatory and we pay for it monthly. But the service provides its own receptacles and the office supplies us with recycling bags (we provide our own trash bags). We leave out trash 5pm, Sun-Thu; its picked up no later than 8pm, most of the time without our ever hearing them. LP maintains an Amazon Hub package pick-up facility thats secure and hella convenient. The mailroom is always clean, well-lit, and easily accessible.RETAIL BUSINESSESLP street-level has several eateries, including our fave, The Laureate (great food, service, and beerwinespirits selection), Daz Bog coffee (YUM!), Dougs Day Diner for breakfast, and a pizza cafe. Oh, and theres Lincoln Place Dentistry, too! Being downtown, were a hop, skip, and jump from amazing places like the Pourhouse, Satori Tattoo, 4th Street Chophouse, the Cactus Grille, and Burkes Tavern, not to mention a plethora of shops, art galleries, stylistsbarbershops, boutiques, and best of all a VINYL SHOP!!DISASTERSSo, recently a sprinkler-system pipe froze and burst in the next-door apartment. While we experienced no ill effects from the flooding, an apartment on the floor below unfortunately did, and our neighbors are having to wait 5-6 weeks for the clean-uprenovation. Bad things happen, but Ive yet to hear any of these folks who experienced those misfortunes say theyre leaving LP. Management handled the situation with class. Hey, theyre not perfect, right? But my experience has been despite the difficulties presented in doing their jobs, theyre people like you and mewaking up everyday and putting dignity and compassion into their work. In the end, THEY are what have made LP a home were glad to stay in far into the future.The photo is the view of the sunset just outside the north-side elevators on the 4th floor.
Carla Cheuvront
| 9/2/2018
I submitted a request and a few days later my air conditioning was fixed!
Carla Cheuvront
| 9/2/2018
One of my sensors broke and they came right away to fix it!
Pat Shettle
| 8/24/2018
Kayla Shackle
| 8/4/2018
We loved living at Lincoln Place. The nicest part is the parking garage (especially in the winter) and the fact that strangerssolicitors cant really get in the building. Its very dog friendly and the pool and gym are nice. Its also walking distance to lots of places downtown and the post office. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. We would have stayed if it wasnt so far from work. The only suggestion Id have is upgrading the dog park with real grasscleaning it more - but its probably the best they can do in a downtown area.
Kenzie Holmes
| 8/3/2018
Ive lived in about 11 different apartments over the last 10 years (as a college student and now wife of a traveling salesman). These apartments are the cleanest Ive ever lived in, especially for their age. Were in a 1 bedroom and its the biggest 1 bedroom weve ever had. Staying at Lincoln place has been a wonderful experience. Vickie, Kelly, and the rest of the staff are the best I have ever worked with- super responsive and friendly. Any issues Ive had have been taken care of promptly, and I know they have been really busy this summer. They also have a really good gym area with lots of great equipment. The lounge areas on the 1st and 4th floors are really spacious, and we love hanging out on the outdoor patio. I love the secure room they have for packages. Most places packages just get left by your door for the world to see. I also love the parking garage. My vehicle has stayed safe from Colorado hail storms, and cool in the summer heat. If you expect a place to be perfect, youre going to be disappointed. With that being said, you will probably experience some weird smells coming from the carpets and generally everywhere. Its a dog friendly place on 1 block of downtown Loveland so the poop and pee smells can get heavy. The pool is small and not great for young children or people that dont know how to swim, but it does the job on a hot day. I find the off-leash turf area for dogs to be VERY smelly and I avoid it because its usually covered in poo. Overall, I would recommend Lincoln place apartments. If not for the amenities and great location, but for the office staff that have been so good to us.
mat r
| 6/20/2018
I currently live here. I moved in approximately month ago, and I love it!.Good Things-Everyone is extremely nice-My apartment is the nicest apartment ive ever seen, and is so big I dont have enough stuff to fill it up with, and doesnt break my wallet-My own water heater, so I dont have to worry about waking up early for hot water-Free access to a pool, which is a great way to cool down after work-Multiple grills that all work well, great for partys-Free game rooms that I can reserve for partys or studying-Amazing large bathroom-Decent parking, always find a spot-Right in the middle of downtown, with some of the best restaurants right below. Bad things-The elevator is veryyyyyy slow, but not a huge deal-My fridge broke shortly after moving in, but they immediately replaced it with a better one, so no issues there.-The bottom of shower creaks a bit, kinda weird-About once a month, all the local restaurants clean out their grease traps, which causes an awful smell for a day, but not too bad.Overall, This is a great place to live. The people are nice, the apartments are nice, and the rent is good. 55
Deena Carson
| 6/20/2018
Luiz was over right away and fixed the problem in a matter of minutes.
Deena Carson
| 6/20/2018
Luiz is Amazing. He goes above and beyond.
Stephen Sheldon
| 6/13/2018
I have nothing but good things to say about Lincoln Place. Vicki remembers my name and Apt when I go down to talk or need something ( which is hardly ever). Maintenance is always quick and does a great job. The location, awesome! My kids love all of the things to do.Thank you staff.
Sidney Merrill
| 5/14/2018
I have lived at Lincoln Place almost a year now and I have had nothing but positive experiences. Both the office and maintenance staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. When I do have maintenance calls (very few) they are fixing the issue within a day or two and the office staff is very helpful as well. Vickie is amazing at making sure my living experience here is up to standard.
Sidney Merrill
| 5/14/2018
I have lived at LP for about a year and a half now and the staff is still incredibly friendly and so willing to help. I always have pleasant interactions with them.
| 5/9/2018
Great place. Vicki is excellent!
Joel Benavidz
| 5/6/2018
No complaints. Previously lived in Lincoln Place and had to move to another city for a short time, when it was time to move back to loveland Lincoln Place was first on the mind as it left a lasting impact on us.
Dustin Palmer
| 5/2/2018
Had good 3 plus years down town living in the Lincoln Place until I bought a home. Great people great place.

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