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See what other people are saying about Lincoln Place Apartments in Loveland, CO! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our Loveland, CO apartments, we strive to fully design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Lincoln Place so that we can continue to improve. Our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our apartments for rent in Loveland, CO, and see for yourself what makes us completely one of a kind.

Conci Resendiz
| 1/30/2021
Good quality great work . THANK YOU!! The guys were awesome .
Holli Scott
| 1/13/2021
The maintenance team is friendly, professional and quick to respond. Appreciate their support.
Hazel Osborn
| 12/30/2020
Weve lived here at Lincoln Place for 5 years now, and we plan to stay for the foreseeable future. Each year, improvements have been made - during our stay, the exterior was painted, much new landscaping was added, a pet area was added, the partylounge room was updated along with the office, a huge deck and fireplacegrills and eating area was built, and the pool was updated. The maintenance crew is fantastic, the office staff friendly and responsive. Walkability in the neighborhood is the best in the area. Living here has really worked out well for us.
Marlena Channels
| 12/11/2020
I have been at Lincoln Place Apartments since the start of June and being someone who has lived in 3 different states in the past 4 years for work, I can definitely confirm that this has been one of my favorite Apartment Communities to be apart of. The amenities are plentiful and the apartments are beautiful, updated and spacey! The location is perfect because its conveniently located in downtown Loveland as well. The office staff is AMAZING and so helpful, the maintenance team is quick and efficient and the neighbors are all so kind. Due to my job relocating me (again), Ill be leaving Lincoln Place after this month and am truly sad about it. If you are looking for a quality apartment community within Loveland, I 1010 recommend Lincoln Place Apartments! Ill miss this place!
Debbie Macias
| 3/1/2020
We arranged to rent our apartment while living out of the country and Vickie was amazing and wonderful during the process. We cant wait to move in and start enjoying Loveland.
jerry franks
| 2/24/2020
The ladies in the front office are wonderful. Always friendly and help me when needed. Great place to liveUp to now a peaceful experience.
Donna Warren
| 2/24/2020
Great amenities, great people, great location.
nancy amsler
| 2/21/2020
I love living here. The one suggestion I have is about communication - I think it could be better, as in the recent water issues. I think it would have been helpful if you had put out information about what was going on and what was being done about it instead of letting the rumor mill give out information. Thanks for all you do! As an update, I think that the communication and attempts to enhance resident relations have been excellent . I have really appreciated the notices about events, and the social events!
Crystal D
| 1/18/2020
Great location! Also enjoy the parking garage and not having to sweep the snow off my car!
Manuel Sanchez
| 12/11/2019
Everything went smooth without a hitch. Really nice apartments with so many extra perks to offer.
Amy Kay
| 12/10/2019
I love my new home thank you. Great area, nice people and amazing office managers! Security is top notch and the parking is great as well. Very happy.
Hillarie Gomez
| 12/3/2019
I loved living here. Vicki in the office is amazing, and Luis on maintenance too! My immediate neighbors were very nice but the community as a whole had some problem tenets. Someone stole bike parts from the bike room, and people left pet mess in the stairwells, and left their Valet Waste garbage in the hall on non-pick up days. But overall, it was a nice place to live.
kyle rigdon
| 11/2/2019
The place is a good place to live. Vickie is very helpful and always friendly
Lonnie Darnell
| 10/31/2019
The maintenance matter was resolved promptly, courteously and professionally!
Denise Schlager
| 10/10/2019
Beautiful place
Gary V.
| 9/30/2019
Very nice place. I was there to buy something that somebody sold on let-go. But our downtown has been really revitalized theres a Hilton em down there now new theaters new eating establishments old eating establishments. If you want to have an upper echelon dinner two dollar signs for dinner check in at door 2 2 2. You will not be disappointed.
| 8/17/2019
Cody was super quick and very efficient.
Stel Barnett
| 7/24/2019
Luis and Cody did an outstanding job identifying the problem and fixing it. They are an asset to this complex!
Susan Salz
| 7/22/2019
The staff is amazing! What a great location, close to the music, shopping, and great food in downtown Loveland.
The Dearmans
| 7/20/2019
Not going to lie, I was pretty upset with these apartments for a little while, but Vickie in the front office is amazing and made sure to reach out to me about my problems fix them :) She knows me has been great about communicating with me. The maintenance team is amazing and Codi is super nice any time Ive spoken with him. They do a superb job w anything I have had issues with! My problems are 100 with the tenants who live here. Unfortunately the office can only do so much while residents trash the place. That being said the office team does a great job of trying to maintain a nice place to live cleaning up after said tenants. I love the location would recommend these apartments. I would love it if somehow the Apartments were able to figure out the culprits of the messes made- but as a leasing agent myself I understand thats easier said than done. Thanks for being so great Vickie! I appreciate your hard work!! :)
Bonnie Macdonald
| 7/10/2019
Excellent Loveland downtown location. The few times I have needed maintenance I have gotten a response the same day. Some fixes took a few days but I was always kept in the loop. The neighbors are friendly and quiet. Look forward to living here a long time!
Donna Willoughby
| 2/13/2019
I had a maintenance issue and requested they come after 4pm because I work nights. 5 minutes after 4pm he knocked on the door. took care of my problem quickly and professionally.
| 2/9/2019
First of all, I used to own a duplex - I lived in half and rented the other half - so I understand how destructive tenants can be. I think you do an excellent job of keeping the place clean and well repaired. I moved in at the very beginning - even before the building was complete. What is disappointing is that in all those years I have never been late with rent until May of last year - I was thinking about my sons struggles in getting his business off the ground, and I simply didnt think about my rent until the 4th. It would be nice to receive a bit of mercy for an unblemished record of payment over so many years, and disheartening that I didnt.
nancy amsler
| 2/5/2019
I love living here. The one suggestion I have is about communication - I think it could be better, as in the recent water issues. I think it would have been helpful if you had put out information about what was going on and what was being done about it instead of letting the rumor mill give out information. Thanks for all you do!
Ann Sellers
| 2/5/2019
The current management is doing a great job of keeping the place up. My only real complaint would be the 25month for trash pickup when the trash chute is literally next to the elevator.

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